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Summary of the Butterfly Project Summer Program

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The Butterfly Project Summer Program (an Akins-Bell Foundation, Inc. program) in collaboration with the National Center of Afro-American Artists – Fiscal Agent, Eliot Congregational Church, and the Black Ministeral Alliance was a huge success.  The program had the following number of children who participated in the summer activities:



      A.    G.R.A.S.P. FOR KIDS CAMP: (23)

      B.     TWELFTH BAPTIST CAMP: (27)


       A. LEVEL I: (10)

       B. LEVEL II: (7)

TOTAL: (112)

A special note to our supporters: During the 2012-2013 school years, our program(s) will be expanding. We are contracting an experienced piano instructor, a guitar instructor, and a drumming instructor for a wellness program to enhance the curriculum we began this summer. We will also engage collaborating musicians for performances, workshops, and some rehearsals. These enhancements will be the foundation for a vibrant season of our student's performing arts programs. We welcome your sponsorship of our 2012-2013 performing arts program(s) with your generous donation(s). You can make your donations thru the Akins-Bell Foundation. Inc. website: or by mail to:

Akins-Bell Foundation, Inc.

5687 Glenrock Dr.

Frederick, MD 21703