Atkins-Bell Foundation

Business Principles

Codified in 2012, these are the principles that guide our people.

The Foundation's Engagement:

The Foundation advances it's objectives to make a difference in it's philanthropy by programming and coordinating charitable activities. There are many opportunities which our people contribute their talents and resources to make a difference thru volunteering endeavors and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Highlighted on this website are the programs Akins-Bell Foundation, Inc. sponsors and we invite you to learn more about.

Our approach to Community Service:

Akins-Bell Foundation Inc.'s officers and members are committed to helping the communities where we work and live, and in places where our ideas, people, and resources are making a difference in the community.  By pioneering iniatives, sponsoring, and supporting programs that help solve crucial social issues; we dedicate ourselves to taking philanthropic action based on discipline, innovation, and a strategic approach to solving the long term needs of the community.