Atkins-Bell Foundation


The Akins-Bell Foundation, Inc. provides up to $5,000 in funding to students pursuing graduate or undergraduate degrees from an accredited college or university. Students must be graduating from high school at the time of selection.


a.    To promote the higher education goals and objectives of individuals seeking to advance their pursuit of self development and to educate for career development.  To cultivate a financial environment and relationship this will help foster these goals.

b.    To stimulate students to pursue higher education in a manner to give honor, respect, and dignity to their ancestors and to themselves.

c.    To foster a close relationship between individuals who aspire to achieve these goals by providing a pleasant and helpful social experience for all.

Eligibility Selection Criteria:

1.    Consists of graduating high school students from a particular high school who will attend college, writers of scholarly works about academics, and etc.

2.    Equal Opportunity: Federal and State laws prohibit discrimination and are enforced to ensure that program beneficiaries and employees receive equal opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, and other bases.  Therefore all contestants will receive equal treatment under the nondiscrimination laws applicable to recipients of financial assistance.

Akins-Bell Foundation,  Inc. scholarship candidates must download the PDFapplication form HERE.

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